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A screw conveyor is a wearing part, and it is exposed to wear and corrosion during its working time.

Every year, we repair and refurbish a high number of screw conveyors, if the flights or shaft extensions are worn, or if the centre shaft is broken. Repair often results in a screw conveyor, which is as good as a new one.

In many cases it is possible to save a lot of money by changing some or all of the flights, changing or refurbishing broken shaft extensions or even welding a broken centre shaft instead of producing a new screw conveyor.

We offer different types of hardening, including thermal coating of wear material on worn screw conveyors.

Furthermore, we repair numerous screw conveyors for combine harvesters; often it is only necessary to change 1 or 2 flights. Such a solution is usually considerably cheaper than purchasing a new original screw conveyor.