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Contractual work

Anders Pedersen Maskin- & Specialfabrik utilises state-of-the-art production machinery for production of our product range - screw conveyors and earth augers. The well-equipped and efficient machine park is also at your disposal, if you need a reliable sub-supplier offering consistency of supply. Below you will find the processes available when executing orders.


Of black and stainless steel qualities in material thicknesses from 2-45 mm. Produced according to files or drawings/outlines sent by e-mail or post.
Max. size of material: 9000 mm x 3000 mm.

Flame cutting

We offer flame cutting at competitive prices and with short lead times. We execute your order according to measurements, using templates or drawings. Plate size up to 9000 mm x 3000 mm –
Plate thickness up to 150 mm

CNC-lathe work and milling

We offer CNC-milling of items of almost all kinds of materials and alloys. Our experienced and well-educated operators are ready to complete each individual task whether it involves programming or operation

Abrasive blasting

We offer abrasive blasting of items up to 1500 mm wide and 450 mm high.

Edge bending

Our edge bender enables us to manufacture simple as well as complex plate components and profiles according to your specifications. We are able to customize profiles with lengths up to 4000 mm. Our competent and experienced employees carry out all tasks.


We offer annealing of steel and metal items in our electronically operated gas oven.
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Profile – Anders Pedersen, Maskin- & Specialfabrik A/S

Anders Pedersen, Maskin- & Specialfabrik A/S was established by Anders Pedersen as the village smithy back in 1938. At the beginning, the work of the company mainly consisted in plumbing and repairing of agricultural machines.

Later on, the production of various agricultural machines was initiated. At first, beet cutters and later potatoes boilers, which became the main product from the beginning of the 1950’s until the mid 1960’s.

Screw conveyors were installed in the potatoes boilers to transport potatoes to and from the boiler. When the use of potato boilers was reduced in the mid 1960’s, screw conveyors became the new main product of the company.

Today, the company primarily manufactures screw conveyors and earth augers as well as parts for these. In addition, various services are provided, including: CNC flame cutting, CNC precision plasma cutting and rotary drum cleaning, edge folding and various milling, cutting and welding services.

The production area covers approx. 2800 m2 and is located in buildings from 1938, 1947, 1974, 1978, 1989 and 1990. In addition, a new office building was built in 1999 – 2000, and in 2008, a new warehouse of approx. 700 m2 was inaugurated

Since the death of Anders Pedersen in 1992, the company has been managed by his son Arild Pedersen and now counts 20 dedicated and experienced employees.

The company supplies to end-users and manufacturers in Denmark and abroad. Approx. 35 % of the production is exported to primarily Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany and Switzerland.

As a 100 % order producing company, the main objective is to provide flexible and high-quality service, ensuring short lead times.